On-Demand Raises the Stakes on Social Advertising

girl on social media

When it comes to seeing television advertisements, today’s youth have little to complain about. DVR, streaming services, and even YouTube means that they’re seeking out television with limited to no commercial interruptions. So what are companies turning to for advertising placement?

Companies that used to rely on television advertising, such as Wendy’s and DiGiorno’s Pizza, now look heavily to social media as a means to reach their customers. This doesn’t mean they aren’t running commercials on TV, but they have shifted focus. You can find wonderful examples of the voices that both brands have developed over their social media accounts, taking a sassier, comical tone to appeal to their target audiences through a medium their customers use all day and every day.

A prime example is Wendy’s, the national fast food chain. Aside from their sassy tweets responding to whatever’s going on in popular culture, such as the look between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars being compared to how someone looks at a Baconator, they use their competition as leverage. McDonald’s recently launched cheesy bacon fries, and instead of a direct response, they referenced it by tweeting “Y’all talking about bacon cheese fries like you can’t get Baconator Fries for free with any purchase in our app right now.” This tweet generated fourteen thousand likes, and one thousand retweets.

The kind of organic growth generated on social media by Wendy’s has made them recognized not only for their food, but their personality as well. DiGiorno’s is similar, in taking situations such as a delivery pizza company’s failure to deliver on time and sending out free coupons for their own pizza that can be bought in grocery stores and baked on one’s own time.

Is social media the most effective way to advertise? Depending on your target audience, it’s highly likely. This is why companies can’t afford to just sleep on this method of media. Find out what values are important to your brand and incorporate them in your voice when it comes to your online presence. Take part in conversations, and make your presence known.

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