8K TV Upgrade for Home Entertainment: Is it worth it?

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Technology is constantly advancing, and when it comes to television and how we watch TV, it feels like upgrades are always available. Imagine the days when the TV was a tiny box with two large antennas sticking out of the top. Now, you can have a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

We wanted to explore some different aspects relating to the latest TV available, the 8k television. In this series we’ll discuss environment, surveillance, and begin with entertainment.

8k For Home Entertainment

8k has 16 times the pixels that a standard 1080p television has. This sounds like a huge difference, but it’s a difference so large that we can’t really notice the difference anymore. There’s hardly any native content in 8k because of the extremely high costs of filming.

Is this an example of technology advancing just to advance? For people who have just invested in 4k TVs, it might be irritating to find out there is already something better out there. However according to Forbes magazine, this resolution boost on a household television only makes a difference on a 65 inch TV if you sit 2 feet away from the television, which could be harmful to your eyes. And more importantly, how can you kick back, stretch your legs, and really be comfortable while getting the full effect and benefit of 8k technology?

CNET even goes as far to answer the question of “Do you need 8k?” with “Not even a little”. The human eyes are limited, therefore any extra pixels beyond what they can actually see aren’t really necessary for entertainment purposes.

Unless you are going to a technology trade show and seeing 8k on a larger-than-life screen, this technology is not bringing much distinct entertainment value to a household. The domino effect of purchasing one is that your old TVs will get thrown out and create more waste on earth, which we’ll touch on more next in our 8k: Environmental Impact post. Our advice? Hang tight to your television unless it’s absolutely broken beyond reasonable repair.

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