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B2B Instagram | Do You Struggle with Instagram’s Role?

B2B Instagram

Businesses risk missing a broad audience by limiting their social networks. While decision-makers’ prominent age group places them in the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter demographic, the up-and-coming influencers are in Instagram. However, many businesses struggle with the B2B Instagram role.

There is untapped potential through Instagram to stand out as creative, unique, and interesting. The reach that can be achieved through this platform is valuable. Promoting the company mission and culture are particularly well-suited for Instagram.

A few companies that have done a great job of this include Citrix, IBM, and even Facebook, which owns Instagram and uses it as an advertising outlet.

Facebook’s promotion of the friends feature in an Instagram ad was quite elegant. They took an image of a boy moving boxes, overlaid the word “dependable,” and displayed the friend checkmark. This created a unique image that can only be seen on Instagram. It was simple, but impactful. Imagine how you could promote simple concepts that represent what your brand stands for.

The more personable posts you create, the more people will show interest in your brand. Even IBM utilized a popular hashtag of #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Their #TBT post included a photo from the early NASA days. By doing so, IBM tapped into nostalgia and promoted its critical involvement in the Apollo 13 mission.

B2B Instagram can help your business:

  • Reach a broader age range
  • Appeal to prospective recruits
  • Build affinity with up-and-coming influencers
  • Increase consideration of your brand
  • Reveal the personality and culture of your company

If your brand is in a social media fog, contact markITnerds. We can build a social media marketing program to build your brand and increase demand.

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