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B2C Lessons for B2B Social Marketing Strategy

B2B Social Media Content

As a B2B marketing agency, it can sometime be a challenge to develop engaging social media content. It isn’t like our professional services company launches a new flavor or clothing design every quarter. Or when was the last time a social influencer got excited about industrial cleaning? The difference between B2B and B2C social media is clear, but there are lessons B2B companies should take from B2C. 

One such lesson is the importance of posting great content, and you may need to get creative to do so. Oreo offers a prime example of getting creative to make great social media. Oreo’s classic product, the chocolate cookie stuffed with creme isn’t newsworthy. After you’ve explored every method of eating one, what’s there to say? 

So Oreo got innovative. They started creating new flavors such as Strawberry Shortcake, Rocky Road Trip, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, and even Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi (to be released in China). Chicken Oreos sounds disgusting if you ask me. But by doing this, they’ve created buzz and even increased their shelf space, in the stores and in your social feed. Oreo created fun content that increased their Likes, Shares, and Followers. Keeping up with social marketing also promotes their brand with younger generations.

Engaging B2B Social Media Content

A B2B company might take a different approach than Oreo. They must first define who their target audience is. If you’re a marketing agency, you might be targeting marketing directors or brand managers. Instead of generating article after article around best practices that promote their services, they should expand their subject matter:

  • Industry news — current events and innovations impacting your customers and shaping the future of your industry
  • Invitations — an invite to like your page or join your community page
  • Thought Leadership — promote case studies, white papers, and industry events
  • Personality — highlight your company culture and team activities
  • Light news — sponsored charity events or company anniversaries

Companies want to know what makes your brand stand out from the rest. At markITnerds we have implemented many of these methods and have found growth thus far.

If this sounds interesting to you and your business, contact us about our social media marketing programs.

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