8k TV Upgrade: Environmental Impact

In our previous post we touched on how 8k television means a dramatic increase in resolution, but should this technology become a household item, the environmental impact could be substantial.
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8K TV Upgrade for Home Entertainment: Is it worth it?

Technology is constantly advancing, and when it comes to television and how we watch TV, it feels like upgrades are always available. Imagine the days when the TV was a
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The Value of Site Maintenance

In the burgeoning world of IT and Tech startups, having a clear value proposition and clean website provides the best impression for future customers. It is crucially important to portray
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Technology is Evolving for the Better

Technology is rapidly changing with new innovations every day including touch screen phones, 5G networks, artificial intelligence, and more. The amount of tech that has come out within the past
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girl on social media

On-Demand Raises the Stakes on Social Advertising

When it comes to seeing television advertisements, today’s youth have little to complain about. DVR, streaming services, and even YouTube means that they’re seeking out television with limited to no
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AI Only Reflects the Bias Within

Technology advancements such as in-memory processing, big data analytics, and high-speed networks are digitally transforming every aspect of our lives and security is no exception. Biometric recognition, advanced video analytics,
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