Technology is Evolving for the Better

Technology is rapidly changing with new innovations every day including touch screen phones, 5G networks, artificial intelligence, and more. The amount of tech that has come out within the past
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girl on social media

On-Demand Raises the Stakes on Social Advertising

When it comes to seeing television advertisements, today’s youth have little to complain about. DVR, streaming services, and even YouTube means that they’re seeking out television with limited to no
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person's wiring and framework

AI Only Reflects the Bias Within

Technology advancements such as in-memory processing, big data analytics, and high-speed networks are digitally transforming every aspect of our lives and security is no exception. Biometric recognition, advanced video analytics,
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Do Great Products Really Sell Themselves?

This saying is engrained in us, but the premise is questionable. Extraordinary product designers and engineers do their jobs and put out great products that deserve recognition. However, great solutions
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Me, Myself, and AI

The idea of Artificial Intelligence can come off as futuristic, dystopian, and to many, an invasive concept. Your data and online interactions with a variety of different programs and applications
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Top 5 Sites for Nerdy Gifts this Season

When the word “nerd” rose in popularity in the 1980s, it was considered derogatory, undesirable, and rude. It was the equivalent of being called “weird” or a “freak” today. The
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