Safety Signs in Friendly Designs

Be Masked Static Cling
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The changes brought about by COVID-19 are difficult for adults, and even harder for children. As businesses reopen, kids will be exposed to a much different environment. Social distancing, masks, signs, and our behaviors can be uncomfortable and difficult to understand. So markITnerds made signs that help remind kids and grownups to be safe with friendly characters.

Like many businesses impacted by sheltering orders, markITnerds pivoted to create a product that other local businesses could use. We hope they are a win, win, win for our customers and our US partners. These are made in the USA and sales of these products support The Brand Wagon, our distribution partner in Pittsburgh, our printer in Kansas, and markITnerds, our small marketing and creative business in the suburbs of Chicago.

Our safety signs for children are great for pediatric offices, daycare facilities, children’s retail, and schools. We are creating new designs to appeal to other businesses. If you have a recommendation or request, let us hear about it.

Stay safe and keep bending the curve!

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