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Smart Speakers in Businesses

smart speaker in an office

Technology is constantly changing and with it, businesses have to continually adapt to keep up with their consumers. There is currently a technology that businesses can utilize to make their jobs easier.

Earlier we came across an article that discusses the growth of the smart speaker and how later this year it will jump to cover 48% of US consumers. What if this could be the same for businesses?

Think about the tasks that a smart speaker such as Alexa already does, such as playing a song on command, allowing you to create a list, or even assisting you with cooking. What menial tasks could a smart speaker assist you with in a business scenario? Better yet, what analytic insights could it pull for you during a meeting?

Alexa is always listening. To have her be in the room during a meeting, listening and picking up important information that is shared, can be invaluable and eliminate the necessity of a secretary or transcriber during that meeting, saving the company money.

HR meetings, legal counsels, board meetings and more can all benefit from having this technology right at their fingertips.

Currently Alexa has been used in businesses. In a conference room setting, one can simply say “Alexa, start the meeting” and the cloud based smart speaker will open up slides, information, and whatever else is needed for that specific meeting. Through a variety of third-party applications, it can recite service tickets, send a LinkedIn message, monitor your business’s website, and more.

All of these just go to show how AI technology is able to adapt and become useful in a corporate setting, but even Amazon says that this move of Alexa to enterprise level will lead to the creation of unique Alexa voice commands for use in business specifically.

There are a lot of advancements the technology still needs to make, but with the constant change of the digital world these additions might not be as far away as we think.

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