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Technological Nirvana — Folding Displays Bring Us Closer to Harmony

technological nirvana

Are smartphones leading us to a technological nirvana? Many may disagree, but I remember when newspapers hid my parents’ faces at the breakfast table. They weren’t looking at a small screen in their palm rather a giant, crinkly, ad-dropping mess. The newspaper consumed half the table and obscured an entire human torso.

When finished, the reader would fold the paper “neatly” for the next reader. The remaining carcass of newsprint was missing the section of movie showtimes and comics. Silly putty could be found displaying a child’s favorite part of Beetle Bailey or Peanuts. And hopefully, Dad washed his hands before fixing his collared shirt. Otherwise, he would be coated in ink.

I remember these moments with warm nostalgia. I suppose a folding mobile phone could raise similar memories for a younger audience. Perhaps they remember using Mom or Dad’s flip phone to talk to Grandma. Maybe they played with it, punching at its glowing numbers to attempt a call. So when companies began releasing foldable smartphones, like Samsung’s Galaxy Flip, I wondered. Will these folding screens takeoff? Will we go full circle to folding our news when we’re done reading?

Folding screens have captured our attention. This isn’t just a novelty, but an evolution toward harmony, simplicity, and ubiquity. Short of implanting the tech directly into our skulls, we want to improve our world without cluttering our view or ability to move within it. We desire technological nirvana.

Technology Nirvana — All the Benefits Without Distraction from What’s Important

We want technology that doesn’t remove human interaction. Emoji can’t replace hugs. The development of young minds and the longing to look into our children’s eyes are powerful drivers. We want to play basketball and take the dog for a walk without sacrificing connectivity. Oh, and we don’t want a brick flopping around in our pocket.

Look around your office and home. What would it look like if the technology was everywhere and nowhere? Perhaps your monitor is simply a thin, silver cylinder. With a tap of your finger, the “monitor” projects a crystal clear image. The picture could project on any surface with color and texture correction in ultra-high definition.

It feels like tech is cluttering our lives, and everything needs to be charged. Cords are coming out of our pockets, ears, countertops, and cabinets. We are stuck staring at screens and oblivious to the world around us. However, this technological arc will bring us back to “the good old days” because we long for it.

While we think smartphones are dividing us. Its social media is tying us together. Furthermore, smartphones replace a mountain of antiquated devices that cluttered our homes. Gone are the calculators, compasses, globes, wall phones, newspapers, and media players of all types. Every time the technology is made smaller, faster, simpler, and safer, another step toward technological nirvana has been taken.

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