The Value of Site Maintenance

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In the burgeoning world of IT and Tech startups, having a clear value proposition and clean website provides the best impression for future customers. It is crucially important to portray professionalism and put your best foot forward online. It isn’t enough anymore to put up a website and leave it as it is. For a great website, investing time and energy with a team who will not only build it but maintain it makes all the difference.

There are plenty of examples of companies that will build and maintain a website for a low monthly rate. But is a “quick online survey” enough to convey your differentiation, value, personality, and website requirements? To create a beautiful website that catches someone’s eye and promotes your differentiated value proposition takes planning, communication, creativity, time and effort. The examples we’ve found have a monthly rate, but the sample websites they provide are basic and don’t allow a company’s voice to really shine through.

If you want a full website that offers sources for information, content leadership, significant analysis and provides creative options, then investing more will get you there. Here are some of the benefits to investing more:

  1. Improved SEO due to regular content updates and monitored site performance
  2. Regular updates to company news, products, blogs, and more to portray your business as active and thriving
  3. Software compatibility and site security to protect your online assets and visitors from malicious code
  4. Ongoing maintenance prolongs the need for major site overhauls and redesigns

Websites that advertise “$39 per month” have lingo that can be generic, and a lot of the “services” they advertise are actually already built in with having the website and automatically generated, no extra labor required. These companies are counting on you to have as little input and updates as possible to drive up their margin. Statistically, they are counting on you to “set it and forget it” and make updates only as they are exactly requested and directed by you.

Creative guidance, active communication, and collaboration are what companies need to have an engaging site that offers answers for all aspects of the business. If you’re looking for web help, look no further than the team here at markITnerds.

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