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Nerdy Gifts – 2020’s Top 6 Sites for the Season

Nerdy Gifts for 2018

We’ve updated our list of top sites for Nerdy Gifts. This was absolutely essential for 2020 since the nerd in your life is running out of new toys after being isolated for so long. Wait, what am I saying? This is not much different for us. We’re accustomed to science fiction, we just didn’t think we’d be living it. 

Whether you’re shopping for you inner-nerd, or another in your life, here’s the list:

1. Geek Store — Geeky Gifts or Nerdy Gifts, Either Way

Sorry Think Geek, but you got rolled into Game Stop, so the Geek Store is now the front-runner. You’ll find great categories here, including those specifically for the holidays. They have lots of merch and easy navigation. Find something here for the Geek, Nerd, or fun person who likes smart gifts.

2. GameStop (Think Geek) Nerdy Gifts Must Include Games

Think Geek, once a personal favorite, is now rolled into Game Stop. I’m somewhat disappointed because Think Geek was fabulous. However, now you can shop the toys and collectibles while picking up your latest game title. Nerds like us love video games ;).

3. UncommonGoods

This site is a little less fandom centric but equally as unique with the products it offers. From planetary wine stoppers to long-distance friendship lamps, you can find an assortment of unique items. For your travel-loving nerd, your wine aficionado, and more, this is the site to shop.

4. This Is Why I’m Broke

Once you’ve explored this site, you’ll realize just how much you’ve been missing out on. Fandom gifts and all kinds of random stuff, they understand what you want and why you went to their site. If you’re not trying to break the bank this holiday, they have an easy slider to set your spending limit.

5. Hammacher Schlemmer

This one might pull at your purse strings a little bit but you’ll be surprised to find many of the fun, useful tech gadgets are under $30 such as the glare blocking visor or stealth ear amplifier. If the tech products here are not up to your speed, check out this next suggestion.

6. Adafruit

The techy site is exactly where your circuit-loving loved one can go to build the next Johnny 5 (if you don’t know what that is, Google it!) But seriously, there’s all kinds of awesome and unique gadgets and circuitry on this site that you won’t be able to find as easily anywhere else, so if “Neotrellis” and “Feather Board” sound familiar, give this website a look.

Of course, you can default to any of the major online retailers to find gifts but why not venture far, far away to get a gift that will really bring a smile to your loved one’s face. We hope that with these recommendations from us here at markITnerds you’ll find holiday shopping to be a breeze.

When markITnerds isn’t reviewing things we’re passionate about, we spend our time passionately helping our B2B clients with great content, digital marketing, and advertising. If interested, contact us.

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